Sunday, July 28, 2013

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J & J Chronicles is continued on! 

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Friday, July 26, 2013

See you at Eidolon House!

Blogging is a huge part of my life:  I've been writing for four years now.  I love documenting Joseph's and my life with writing and pictures, and now that we live far away from our family and friends, our blog is a great way to to keep everyone involved in our life.

I launched Eidolon House's website in May and started a blog there too, I found that I wanted to blog about the same subjects on both websites.  I tried keeping events about the bindery strictly on Eidolon House's blog and everything else I write about on J & J Chronicles, but for the majority of the time that didn't happen.

Joseph and I constantly talk about Eidolon House being more that just our bindery; our close friends and family know that our homestead in Lewiston was named Eidolon House.  I got to thinking, why write two blogs about our life?  I've decided to merge J & J Chronicles with Eidolon House!

J & J Chronicles on Eidolon House has a new format and will still be about our life in Texas, our bindery, and whatever else I want to write about.  Check out the new J & J Chronicles HERE.    

See you on the flip side.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Press On

We have been looking for a proper book press for about four months, most we've found are not in good condition.  Good things come to those who wait, and we found two fantastic book presses from Uncommon Market antique store in Dallas.  
Joseph first came home with this press!  It's absolutely beautiful!
We went back to the antique store and picked up this little beauty!  There were several presses there; it was fun to see so many in one place.  The gentleman at the antique store told us his buyers travel to England, France, Belgium, and Holland to find their wonderful antiques.
The book presses look beautiful on our piano, don't you think?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

He's 36

The birthday man!
This handsome man turned 36 the other day (July 18)!  We planned for a great day of antiquing, exploring, and celebrating Joseph!  We started our day with lunch at Chilli's, then we drove into Dallas to check out a great antique store, see more about the antique store HERE.
Downtown Waxahachie
We like to explore the outskirts of Dallas and see if any of the small towns feel like a place we could call home.  The plan is to live close to Dallas but far enough outside of the city to homestead again.  After antiquing we explored south of Dallas and fell in love with a few of the cities we drove through!  Waxahachie was awesome!  The historical downtown was clean and so cute and the historical neighborhood felt like Center Street in Logan Utah.  The homes were absolutely beautiful!
Near Ennis
We kept driving south towards Ennis Texas, and we hit the mother load of little farming communities.  We saw several fields of sunflowers, corn, sugar cane, and even cotton!  We even saw a homestead with free range chickens, turkeys, and ducks! 
Beautiful Rainbow
We drove under this beautiful rainbow!  We were happy to find the kind of lifestyle Joseph and I believe in and long for.
The sun began do set so we headed home; with the sun setting behind the city skyline, I felt lucky to have just driven through the most beautiful country, and then drive home through this beautiful city!
Personal birthday cake!
When we got home I sang the happy birthday song to Joseph and we ate Hostess Cupcakes together!
Rodrigo y Gabriela Concert!
 Friday night (July 19), we headed to the AT&T Performing Arts Center to see Rodrigo y Gabriela,
5th floor view.
The fifth floor of the Performing Arts Center had balconys with spectacular views of the city.  It was fun to hang out there waiting for the show to start.
We're blue!
We had a bit of fun being blue while waiting for the show to begin!
Rodrigo y Gabriela were absolutely amazing!  I was in awe at their talent and even cried after a few of their songs; it was hard to believe that what I was listening to was real.
Click HERE and HERE to see a couple clips I took of last night's show.

We had a blast celebrating Joseph's birthday and can't wait to do it again next year!


For the love of antiques!

Joseph was told about this amazing antique store in Dallas called Uncommon Market.  Joseph was able to buy the most awesome book press from there; more on the press later.  On Joseph's birthday we went back to the antique store and I was overwhelmed at the sight of all the wonderful antiques staged so beautifully for us to admire and covet.

Take a look for yourself

We will go back often, there was so much there we didn't see.