Monday, May 18, 2009

First time Blogger...

Hello out there!!! This is my first offical blog. My cousin Nicole told me I shoud start a blog so here goes.
I'll start by telling everyone about me. I go by a lot of nick names, Jilly Bean is the most common of the nick name I go by. I also go by beautiful, smart, amazing and so on. :)
I have lived a lot of life in my short 31 years. I'm a regular girl with goals and plans for my future. It always amazes me how fast life goes by while you're planning it out.
I work full time. I have an amazing family and even a more amazing boy friend.
When I was young and not paying attention in school I would write poems. I created my own formate so to speak. Even now when I'm in meetings that really don't pertain to me I write poems. I will write one now.

I am a girl with shoes on.
I eat cheese.
I have a dog.
I love the out doors.
When can I go home?

I am a girl with shoes on.
I sing songs all day long.
I use my truck.
I shoot at tartets.
When will I eat dinner?

I am a girl with shoes on.
I like to work.
I grow plants.
I laugh all of the time.
When is my next vacation?

I'll post more later.
Peace, JJ Bean.

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