30 Masonic Educationals

30 Masonic Educationals by Joseph Adams
  1) Acting on the Square:  Geometry and Perambulation in the Lodge - HERE

  2) Defining Sacred Space:  Extraordinary Ritual - HERE

 3) Rites of Passage:  Initiatic Ritual in a Modern Age - HERE

  4) Music as a Spiritual Aid:  Modes and the Psyche - HERE

  5) Music as a Spiritual Aid:  Masonic Composers - HERE

  6) To Keep a Secret:  The Need of Mystery - HERE

 7) The Greatest is Charity:  Losing Yourself in Service - HERE

  8) The Pillar of Beauty:  The Exalting Principle of Aesthetics - HERE

 9) The Power of the Word:  Grammar - HERE

10) The Power of Speech:  Rhetoric - HERE

11) The Power of Thought:  Logic - HERE

12) The Power of Sums:  Arithmetic - HERE

13) The Power of Design:  Geometry - HERE

14) The Power of Emotion:  Music - HERE

15) The Power of the Heavens:  Astronomy - HERE

16) Sacred Numbers:  The Symbology of 3, 5, and 7 - HERE

17) Death and Perception:  The Chamber of Reflection - HERE

18) What E'er Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part:  Perfection in Our Own Sphere - HERE

19) Corn, Wine, and Oil:  Earning Our Wages - HERE

20) Gammadia:  Historic Use of the Square - HERE

21) Divine Boundaries:  Squaring the Circle - HERE

22) A White Lambskin:  The Masonic Apron - HERE

23) Fiat Lux:  The Principle of Light - HERE

24) In the Beginning was the Word:  The Power of Written Thought - HERE

25) Upon the Altar:  The Center of the Lodge - HERE

26) The Length of My Cable-Tow:  Dedication and Priorities - HERE

27) A Betrayal of Trust:  The Morgan Affair and it's Aftermath - HERE

28) The Four Corners of the Earth:  The Lodge Room as a Model of an Ancient Cosmology - HERE

29) Binding Beauty:  Masonic Books - HERE

30) The Western Spirit:  Masonry and Utah - HERE

Read about the symbols within this painting, The Chamber of Reflection  HERE