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Watch Joe print from a copper engraving
 (YouTube Video): HERE

See Joe's book work portfolio HERE

A one-of-a-kind leather bound D&C with
 handmade brass claps,blind tooling on the spine,
cover, an d back, and gauffering on gilt edge.

Hand Carved Spoons! 
"Jim and Della" Copper Engraving for 2012 Christmas Print Exchange

Chamber of Reflection, 9x11, Oil.
Blog HERE explaining the meaning and symbols of the painting.
This painting won Honorable Mention at the 2012 Bountiful/Davis Statewide Art Competition!
Apple:  Still-life - Oil on Panel - 2012

Peach:  Still-life Painting ~ 2012

His Palette! 

Verbum Verum ~ Oil on Panel ~ 11" x 8" ~ 2012

Joe's print he made for his print exchange.  The theme of the exchange was "Change".

Joseph's latest engraving for his print exchange next week!

Joseph designed, drew, and inked our blog header and it looks fantastic!
A peek into our life and interests.

Eagle Engraving:  Framed and Ready to Ship!

Eagle Print

Finished!  Copper Eagle Engraving!

Joe is making huge progress on his Eagle engraving!
The beginnings of a wonderful copper engraving

Joseph working on a Masonic tarot card project 
Joseph Engraving
Whiteboard animation project.

Joseph working on a whiteboard animation project with Andrew Tyler.

Custom Laptop Skin



This print won Honorable Mention in the 2011 Bountiful/Davis Statewide Art Competition! 

Special order engraving for the Scottish Rite.

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