Monday, June 15, 2009

The weather...

Its official, I think I can live in Washington state. Its been rainy, bad weather for two weeks now and I have loved it! My co-workers are complaining about the rain and thunderstorms. I love thunderstorms and I love how green everything is because of all the moisture. I am so lucky to live in such a pretty state. Go Utah!
I'm starting school again on 7/7. This is like my 10Th attempt to finish school. Every time I start school some weird life altering event happens and I have to stop school for a while. I'm laying low this month. Or I'm not going to make stupid choices that cause horrific events. My major is Communication and Technology, wish me luck.
Just so people know I am at work blogging but I'm on my lunch break.

I've been thinking a lot about disability and ability. My mom used to tell me growing up everyone is different and has issues. Which is true to an extent. I would respond only normal people say that. :) It has only been since I lost my leg that I started to seek other amputee's and people with my birth defect. Why didn't I seek these people before? At least people with my birth defect. I found a lot of people on line. Some people with worse cases then I and the other way around. It has been very liberating to know other people have experienced what I have. Which brings me to what I have discovered. "When we identify our disabilities we can then identify our abilities." I'm not trying to be normal and do things the way others do them. I can now find my own way. Please note I'm talking about physical matters right now. Physical pain and limitations are completely different then emotional pain and limitations. We'll save the emotions for another blog..

I have to get back to work.... Blog at ya later,
Jilly Bean


  1. Jill, I have a feeling that you are going to be a very good blogger. I love your honesty. It makes me want to read more. You are awesome.

  2. Thanks Tiff. I hope all is well with you guys.


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