Friday, January 14, 2011


This year is a busy big year for me.  I'm so excited to graduate!  I'm so excited to get married!!!  Eric and I might move after we get married too!!!  We'll live in Utah but we want a house thats ours with more room for Eric's hobbies and Me and Raz. :)

I'm torn because I would love to have a huge wedding and invite everyone I know and once knew.  Thats how much I love Eric.  I want every single person in the world to celebrate with us.  However, Eric and I are bit older.  This is my second marriage and I'd like to put more money into the new house or fixing up Eric's house so it will sell.  Eric and I have decided to have a small wedding.  A ceremony and dinner after. Then we're going to start our life together as a married couple!  Technically we've already started a life together.  I'm very excited and over whelmed at the same time.  Honestly I'd be happy to go to the court house and get married.  Then meet my family at the Village Inn for a slice of pie.


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