Sunday, April 17, 2011


I had an upper and lower scope this past Thursday.  My whole life I've always had digestive problems and stomach issues.  But the past few years the issues have gotten worse so I decided to look into things to make sure nothing serious is going on.  I went to the doctor and got things checked out.  I'm happy to report nothing is seriously wrong.  I have family history of colon problems and liver problems so I was quite worried.  My doctor gave me medicine to help me with the constant stomach pain.  Hopefully the medicine will work.
The doctor told me I need to focus on managing my stress better.  I need to focus on my health and lose weight and he suggested I start the South Beach diet.

Eric and I are no longer together.  We canceled the wedding and I'm moving on.  Eric has expressed he doesn't handle change well.  He likes things to stay the same.  Obviously getting married brings on a wealth of change that I don't think he really wants.  I on the other hand I believe if you're not changing you're not growing.  What I mean by this statement is progression in life, character, knowledge, faith, etc. is change.  Progression means change.  If life was meant to stay the same why do we age?  Why do we have our wonderful minds that innovate and invent?  I say life is always changing so get on board or get left behind.  I hate being left behind.  Eric and I are going to be friends but not a couple.  Marriage doesn't scare me.  living live does not scare me.  So I need to find someone who sees things the same way I do.

I put an offer on a little condo in Ogden.  Its just my size, enough room for me and Raz.  Its time I move out of my parents home and get on with my life.  I feel like I'm in limbo here.  I needed to be here going through the challenges I went through the past three years.  I've risen above those challenges and its just time for me to get back out on my own and live my life.

For the rest of this year I am going to take control of my life.  Focusing on my health, stability, independence, school, career, etc...


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  1. I love you Jill! You are so amazing! Good luck in everything!


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