Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lost it....

I almost lost it today for no reason other than comments that are meant to be nice, I think.  I was talking to a friend at lunch.  We were talking about life and trial's we've experienced.  My friend obviously needed to vent because we weren't really talking.  I was listening and nodding my head.  I didn't mind that the conversation was a one way conversation until I received a certain response that struck the wrong cord.

When my friend stopped to take a drink between sentences I took this as an opportunity to jump in and offer advise.  Her response was, "you're strong and handle your challenges well, so you wouldn't understand."  What does that mean exactly?  I am a strong person and I think I've handled most of my challenges pretty good.  But don't minimize what I've been through because I've handled my trials in private and choose not to ruin a perfectly good lunch focusing only on the negative.

I couldn't say this at lunch so I feel much better now.  Thank you.



  1. I am sorry Jill...I know you must be hurting a lot. No one can even comprehend on their little finger nail the pains and trials you have endured. You understand pain better then most.

    You are just a listener at least it sounds like it. I am a listener we tend to attract people who love to gush out problems...but have a very hard time listening to other peoples.

    But I love being a listener because the Savior was, and he had his own fair share of trials but he was always helping someone with theirs!

    So let them think what they want!

  2. Thanks Nicole, I love the little finger nail comparison too. Love you.


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