Sunday, June 5, 2011

5 weeks ago on April 30...

Five weeks ago on April 30 I met a man named Joseph Michael Adams.  About two weeks before April 30 I received a text from my friend Stacey Tyler asking if she could set up a meeting between me and her husbands friend Joe.  I felt it might be a little soon since Eric and I had only broken off our engagement about a month earlier.  But with out thinking I simply replied, "yes!  I'd love to meet Drew's friend Joe".  I'm sure he's a great guy if he's friends with Drew.  And if Stacey is already approving of this man I'm sure we'll have a nice time.

Stacey told me Joe is unique, my type of guy.  She said he's also a foodie and enjoys cooking.  She told me he is divorced and has three children and is currently in the middle of a custody case with his ex wife.  The first half of his description was fantastic, the second half made me nervous.  I'd been a step mom before which was wonderful!  I loved my step children very much.  I didn't however love their mother.  That women made my life and my marriage a living hell.  In fact I'm okay with blaming her for about 60% of the break down of my first marriage.  I myself have a bit of baggage so I thought I'm not going to hold anything against him.  I'm just going to enjoy myself.

The first meeting was fun but I didn't really talk to Joe much.  Joe wasn't feeling good and had taken some medicine that made him feel worse.  I was so caught up with catching up with my friend Stacey I wasn't paying much attention to Joe.  Based off our first meeting there shouldn't have been another one.  But there was another meeting, and another, and another, and we haven't stopped seeing each other since!

Joe is brilliant, kind, funny, happy, loving, creative, talented, caring and absolutely beautiful.  I feel comfortable with Joe and I can talk to him about anything, and I do.  We have talked about everything!  What I love most about Joe is that he's objective when he talks to me.  He listens to what I have to say.  He has never once told me my own thoughts are wrong.  He simply tells me what he thinks.  In five short weeks he's managed to help break down huge walls I've put up towards the church and myself.  Just by hearing him talk about his opinions and beliefs has helped me think about things in a different way.  I've been able to open my mind about certain subjects of the church.  I've been able to open up about myself too.

Joe lives in Logan which is an hour North of Ogden.  I miss him when we're apart.  I hate leaving him when its time to go.  I think about him constantly.  He makes me laugh, he makes me happy, and he makes me a nicer person.  I feel at home when I'm with Joe.  I am thankful to call Joe my friend.  I am more thankful to call Joe my boyfriend.  I love him!



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