Thursday, October 13, 2011

The five'ish year plan.....

Joseph and I have been reading about homesteading and have made plans to build our own small scale homestead!  I've put this dream into a five year plan.  Without going into too much detail I have broken down the plan into five phases:

  • Phase one - Buy a house with no less than a one acre lot.
  • Phase two - Garden and fruit trees.
  • Phase three - Chickens.  
  • Phase four - Beehives.  
  • Phase five - Goats!  Say it with me, Home Dairy!  

Each phase has its own sub phase of details to think about and plan for.  I think Joe is most excited for our home dairy.  I think I'm most excited to plan where everything will go and make the homestead into a fully functioning machine.  The children will enjoy the animals and fresh air, and the lifestyle will serve us well.

Phase one technically won't begin until next Fall.  We will spend this year learning everything we can about homesteading and saving every nickel and dime we find.

If you're a homesteader we welcome your advice!  



  1. This is great news! You will make excellent homesteaders. Are you aware of the Walden Effect blog? You share some things in common with the couple writing that one.



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