Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine Sonnet

Today the winter storms relent, draw back the low'ring grey,
The Sun's bright splendor shining down upon the sanctified
And radiant Earth, clean under fallen snow.  Coveted day
When Love reigns free, and tongue and pen that love hath deified.

Or so it seems in eye of lovers with hearts amplified
To see but good in all the world:  A mirror of the link
That binds the hearts and makes creation ever beautified:
An echo of the one beloved, and cleansed of profane stink.

Illusion, true, but blessed none the less, and cause to think
That fables are a blueprint for a possibility.
Thou spinnest out my empyrean dreams, and here in blackest ink
I make them truth, for, truth! our love holds all ability.

Not on this day alone shall I see this a brighter place
But ever will creation glow because of thy love's grace.