Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day One - 30 Days of Downsizing

Joseph and I have begun our next 30 day challenge!  30 days of downsizing; getting rid the stuff rather.  I'm excited to see how this challenge will go because we got rid of a ton of stuff when we moved.  I went through everything and decided if I hadn't used or even had a thought of using something within a year it was time to go.  Before we moved Joseph and I took a few car loads of stuff to the DI and after we moved we took a few more car loads of stuff to the DI.  Wish us luck!

Day One!
I'm getting rid of my straw cowgirl hat and Joseph is getting rid of a pair of old shoes!


P.S. - As I post stuff we're giving away and you feel you may want something feel free to send me an email at  We're officially taking our stuff to the DI after the challenge is over.


  1. Since this is an exercise in downsizing, is the goal to not replace any items? No new shoes or straw cowgirl hat?

    1. The goal is to get rid of junk we don't use but hold on to...


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