Thursday, August 23, 2012

Poop & Compost....

I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that every once in a while the conversation around our family dinner table is about poop, vomit, farts, and more poop...  I know, this is not proper family dinner conversation, but sometimes I think its okay to not make every single moment in life a teaching moment and let my kids (and husband) relax and make fart jokes.  I've been telling my boys, everything in my life lately comes back to poop.  If we're not teasing about it with Macsen, Joseph and I are talking about via compost.
We're preparing our backyard for a garden next year, which means we've started our compost piles!  All of our weeds, table scraps (that aren't good for the livestock), chicken and rabbit poop, go into our compost pile.  We keep the pile wet and turn the pile about once a week.  Next spring we should have a fair amount of compost; it seems odd that I'm completely excited about compost.  Joe has mentioned how excited he is about compost as well.  I'm fascinated with the concept and love that what I feed my small livestock literally goes back into the ground through composting.  Hey, does this mean if I become a vegetarian I can compost my poop too! ;)

Chicken Poop!
A great ingredient for compost!

Rabbit Poop!
Another great ingredient for compost!

Raz Poop!
This is not a good ingredient for compost!

Joseph turning the compost!
As Joe was turning the compost it smelled good!
It smelled like dirt!

My handsome husband throwing compost.

Our chickens enjoying bugs! 


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