Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Building a Tool Shed

 Joseph and I have a just a few more projects to accomplish before winter. . .  A shed to store our necessary junk was on the list of "before winter projects."  Last Saturday my sister and brother in-law came up to help us and Joseph and I couldn't be more grateful!  Joseph designed our shed and figured out the materials needed to build the structure; I swear I married a genius.  The project ended up taking all day Saturday, due to rain fall periodically throughout the day, and a few hours Monday (Labor Day).  Joseph and Jesse built a pretty awesome shed I think!  Take a look at the process.

Friday night Joseph and I bought the supplies!

Home Depot has become our favorite store!

Saturday morning the process begins.
Framing the shed walls.

Putting up the framed walls.

Putting up the walls in the rain.
Monday, the process continued by putting up the roof.

Enjoying the view I'm sure.

Putting on the metal roofing.
Joseph looking down on his fan club!
The finished product!
View of the inside.
View from the front side of our yard.
View from the front yard.

 On to our next project. . . .