Thursday, July 8, 2010


Once more my mind is running but hid behind my fears.
Under this flesh and bone, I cradle my thoughts and dam my tears.
My mind wants to breakout,
but what will people think or what will be excepted of me?
Where do I go from here? When will I break free?
Can I stand on a wall of bricks and yell out my excitement, loves, and beliefs?
Or, should I stand still and blend in with all society's reefs?

I stand now on a wall of bricks and yell out my excitement for love,
my fear of conformity,
my love for humanity,
my hate of prejudice.
I believe people are good.
I believe society defines social limits of how and what
I should do and say to be understood.

May my words be followed by my actions,
my heart be true to my faith.
Let the future be full of birth and ideas and the past be left without wrath.
Help me endure the trials I will face with myself,
others, wants, and worries.
Let imaginations run wild so life may be worth while.

JJBean (Jill Buckway)

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  1. I love poetry, yours speaks deeply from your heart, thank you for sharing it, so brave of you.


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