Sunday, October 17, 2010

Engagement day....

Eric popped the question yesterday! I said yes!

Eric and I have been together for two + years. I broke things off this Summer because I felt things weren't going my way and I needed progression. I'm not a person to sit still for very long. I love change and embrace it. Eric hates change and likes things to stay the same and consistent. I've stated before, I firmly believe if you're not changing you're not growing. If that's true or not I don't know, its just one of my beliefs. We got back together a few weeks ago. We decided we couldn't live without each other.

Yesterday, Eric took me to this cool Diner for lunch in Oakley Utah. We like eating at locally owned places. We like to support the little guy. I love the mountains and I love the Fall so we were in search of Fall colors and I am always in search of wild life. Sad to say I didn't see wild life yesterday. I'm the wild life whisperer. I always see wild life. We did see a deer but I'm starting not to count deer as wild life. I see deer a lot.

The Uinta's!

Provo Falls, not too much water this time of year, and yes we saw snow already!

After lunch we drove through the Unita's. On the other side of the summit Eric pulled into this place called Christmas Meadow. I love, love, love pine trees and this place was full of them. We took a walk and while we were there he popped the question and put a pretty ring on my finger.
I'm so happy and I'm pretty sure he's happy too. :) He started calling and texting people before I did.

This bed of rocks in the picture above is where we were standing when he popped the question.
I was looking for fish in the creek....

Between Mile Marker 40 & 41 "Christmas Meadow".
We'll be back!

If you can't forgive people and can't over look their short comings how can you expect anyone to do the same for you? Eric is my best friend. He's supported me through the toughest time of my life. I should have been a better support to him through his toughest time. I'm glad he's wise and waited for me to see the light. We have so much fun together. He takes good care of me. We laugh together, cry together, and laugh some more together. We both want to make sure the other is happy and succeeds in life. What more could a girl ask for?

Time to plan a wedding!


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