Monday, August 22, 2011

Three weeks!!!

Three weeks ago today Joseph and I were married.  We're still loving married life!  Our apartment is pretty cute.  Not big enough for a family of five but will do until we're ready to buy a house.  I'm still looking for a job in Logan so I'm not spending about three hours a day in the car due to commuting to Ogden for work.  I'm still going to school which has gotten to be more of pain than something I'm enjoying.  I pushed back a few classes this summer so I'll be finished in the Spring.
We had the kids for visitation this weekend.  It was a hard weekend.  Macsen seems to be having a hard time and doesn't behave well at all.  Joseph is always trying to keep him in line and that is frustrating.  As a parent Joseph doesn't want to constantly discipline his children.  He wants to enjoy time with them and he wants them to enjoy their time with us.  Hopefully we will get the kids full time and maybe having more time with us will help even out the behavior issues.
Joseph kids are actually pretty good kids considering everything they've been through in the past couple of years.  Hopefully we'll be able to get them happy and healthy and on a consistent schedule.  Joseph is so even tempered and patient he helps me to be patient too.


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