Friday, September 23, 2011

My mom has the heart of a true collector...

Take a look at this link:

This link is a website showing all of the Pyrex vintage patterns.  My mom could tell you what each of these patterns are without using this website.  She has most all of these patterns collected, wrapped carefully, boxed and put away in storage.

I was driving home today from work thinking about my mom and I started thinking about all of her different Pyrex and how happy I am that she gave me the two patterns I love, Terra and Friendship.  My mom has spent hours and driven miles to collect full sets of Pyrex.  My mom didn't just collect old pans, she became an expert collector.  She bought books about the different patterns.  She learned the year each pattern was made, the glass that was used right down to the manufacturers.  Again, my mom wasn't just collecting glass pans, she was collecting a history and memories.  People would tell her, "I grew up watching my mom use these pans."  I remember the Pyrex my mom used when I was a kid.  I use the Spring Blossom butter dish in my kitchen now.    I also remember the green beans that she served inside of her Pyrex and the many hours I had to sit at the dinner table until I took just one bite.

I think its pretty cool that when my mom sets out to do something she goes all the way.  I'm grateful for what a wonderful example she been in my life.  I wouldn't have half the determination I have today if it weren't for my mom.

I love you Marg!  (Yes I call my mother Marg.)


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