Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Poem for Jill

'Twas late the hour and dark the night; no icy star did show.
The rising wind began to howl and biting snow to blow
Around my feet in rising drifts and sting my cheeks and eyes.
My burden weighed upon my back, my breath in sobs and sighs
Burnt in my chest. With dragging feet I sought a path
To lead me through the twisted trees and from the stormy wrath.
My map, my compass - left behind - were of no earthly use,
And ignorant of where to look for peaceable refuge
I staggered on. 'Til blazing through the darkened fog: A lantern burning bright,
With promise of a warming fire and comfort through the night.
Whose steady hand and loving heart held forth that welcome fire?
Whose guiding eye and open arms awaited with desire?
'Twas thee, my love, who brought me home and rescued me from fear,
And so, my love, 'til end of time, you are to me most dear.

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  1. This is the best poem ever written for me. I love my husband!


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