Saturday, November 5, 2011

Because he loves me...

My husband is a very talented man.  He is also very thoughtful and caring.  Church is the most uncomfortable place for a short one-legger because my feet don't reach the ground.  My real leg goes numb hanging in air for so long and my stump goes numb because my prosthetic is hanging off of it.  In sacrament I always take off my prosthetic and slouch so my other leg can touch the ground.  Joseph made a small foot stool that I can put together to use while I'm in church meetings!  Isn't this brilliant!  He completely surprised me with it.  The stool comes apart so I can keep it in my bag and pull it out when I need it.

The next wonderful surprise is my scriptures.  I mentioned to Joseph the other night I'd like him to re-cover my scriptures.  Friday night when I came home from work he had just finished recovering them.  I cannot believe how beautiful my scriptures are now.  I am a very spoiled girl.


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