Friday, November 25, 2011


"Another word for creativity is courage." -- George Prince

     I have struggled with the subject of creativity for some time now, I've never thought of myself as a creative person but, the yearning and desire to be creative has always been there.  Being married to an artist and very creative man puts this insecurity at the forefront of my mind constantly.  However, being married to an artist has also helped me learn that I am creative in my own ways.  I have noticed that being creative takes a tremendous amount of courage.  I've been lacking in the courage department lately.  In the past few months I have felt myself become more withdrawn, shy, and self-conscious.  I can't pin point why I've become withdrawn but I can do little creative projects to help pull me up and back to feeling confidant.
     I think it is important for everyone to find their creative outlet and run with it.  So much good can come from being creative such as; critical thinking, patience, happiness, fulfillment, confidence, etc.  I find cooking  is a creative outlet for me.  Some food I don't really like to eat but the process of cooking it is what I enjoy.  I find creating systems to accomplish tasks a creative outlet for me.  Being disabled I have to do things differently then most people, so my mind is now trained to come up with systems or processes to accomplish tasks such as; the dishes, grocery shopping, getting dressed, and laundry.  I try to find every process that saves time and is most efficient.  I've also found writing poems and journaling to be a creative outlet for me.
     Joseph and I are making our own handkerchiefs.  Joseph taught me how to embroider and I am loving the project.  I'm loving it so much that this essay is going to be rather short so I can get back to finishing my handkerchief.  May I suggest you all find your creative outlet and find courage to pursue it!  Especially if you're feeling down or not quite yourself, create something and get back to good.

Work in progress.

           Thank you Joseph for teaching me such a fun way to be creative!  
I love you! 


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