Tuesday, November 29, 2011


“Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.” – Oscar Wilde

Experience:  A direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge; the fact or state of having been affected by or gained knowledge through direct observation or participation.

Today I had a serious conversation with a co-worker of a personal nature.  I gave her advice and told her my opinions regarding the situation we were discussing.  Near the end of our conversation she said, “You’d think you’re the older one between us,” and thanked me for my insight.  My co-worker is about eight years older than me but sometimes talks of herself as an old lady.  Honestly after the conversation was over I felt I may have been too bold and crossed the line by being too honest.  The truth of the matter is I can give advice on many different life situations because I have experienced so much.  I’ve often felt that I’ve already lived a lifetime in my short 33 years.  I don’t know if the amount of experience I’ve had is good or bad, but my experiences weren’t for nothing.  If I can share my experiences and help someone going through a similar situation I will.  Everything my co-worker and I were talking about today I’d been through and I knew exactly how she was feeling; I could empathize with her.
I believe we’re here to experience life’s sadness and woes and happy times too.  I believe we need to share our experiences with each other and support each other throughout our lives.  I pray I don’t offend people when I speak about the things I’ve experienced.  I share because I want to help.

I am a girl with one leg standing
I’ve been pushed around and used like a tool.
I’ve been deceived and taken for a fool.
I’ve taken the wrong turn and may have gotten lost
I’ve always found strength to fight my way back.

I am a girl with one leg standing.
I’ve felt the sting of being personally attacked.
I’ve learned who my friends are.
I’ve mournfully learned who my friends aren’t.
I’ve always found strength to fight my way back.

I am a girl with one leg standing.
I’ve felt the burden of loss, sadness, distress.
I know what it feels like to not fit in that dress.
I’ve experienced sorrow, depression, and have been emotionally bruised;
dammit, I’ve paid my dues!
I’ve always found strength to fight my way back.   


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