Thursday, November 17, 2011


I have expressed to Joseph a few times that I am growing tired of negative posts on Facebook and other venues.  I'm of the opinion when something doesn't feel right it's up to me to fix the problem, change the situation, or leave the situation all together.

After long debates with myself and many hours pondering I decided to go through my Facebook friend list and delete those I've found to have a negative affect on me.  By negative affect I mean leave me feeling bad, stressed, angry, or unhappy.  The power of influence is strong and there are day's I don't feel like fighting the fight.  When I lost my leg and was dealing with the reality of losing mobility, constant pain, and an instant life altering situation I knew it was important for me to surround myself with positive people, music, books, goals, etc.  Why should this change when the dust settles?  I feel I should make a conscious effort to surround myself with good things.  I love Facebook, it allows me to keep in touch with friends who have moved away.  It allows me to keep in touch with friends still near me but busy with life.  85% of my friends on Facebook are my cousins, aunts, uncles, etc...  Instead of me avoiding Facebook so as to not come in contact with negativity, I went though my friend list one person at a time and asked myself, "positive or negative?"  If I felt the slightest bit of stress I took that person off my friend list.  This sounds harsh because un-friending someone from Facebook is a drastic measure but one that felt necessary.  My actions may hurt feelings which is not my intention.  I solely went through my list to ensure when I log into Facebook I will see posts and people who I admire, look up to, make me happy, and treat me with kindness.  



  1. Since they created "subscriptions" I am reconsidering my friend list. I've generally accepted friend requests from anyone I've met in real life, but some of these people really don't say anything I care about or interact with me in any way. So I'm thinking about defriending en masse. If they care what I have to say, they can subscribe, and if not, I did them a favor.

  2. so glad i made the cut! love you jill :)


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