Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Surprise! I'm making your life easier!

Joseph surprised me today with an awesome step stool / platform so I can sit on the edge of our bed and take care of my leg. We raised our bed so we could have more storage space, but raising the bed made things difficult for me; being a one legger and all. So he build an awesome stool for me. I truly have a wonderful, thoughtful, loving husband! I love you Joseph!


  1. k Jilly, I'm checking in on ya and loving the farm life and the name of your house! I want to name my house. You've got some great adventures going on. Life with chickens, oh my. good luck! Can't wait to read about your first egg! Love you.

    1. Thanks Tiff!
      We've never been more tired or sore but we're loving every minute of it!
      When you guys go to Bear Lake next time we should plan a day at Eidolon House! We'd love to have the family over. I hope you and your family are happy and healthy! I know you guys have had your share of hospital visits this past year!


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