Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life Lately....

Life Lately According to our iPhones!

Cherry Pie!

Peach Pie!

The farmer behind us flooded our yard for 3 days!  We didn't mind the water and the kids loved collecting bugs and worms for the chickens....  But, when the water flooded across the street to our neighbors yard the city decided to call the farmer and let him know we had quite the water situation on our hands! 

Last day at Marketstar!  

Krista's first self portrait.  She is going to be a fantastic artist just like her dad! 

I call this cohabitation! 

Homemade Pizza Pies! 

Fantastic lunch shared with the Tyler family!

Because Bow Ties are Cool!

Joe's new glasses!  18th Century Glasses to be exact! 

My pony tail!  I decided my hair was too long and needed to cut it!
We measured this pony tail at 12 inches!
Yes, I'm donating my hair to Locks of Love.  I donated my hair four years ago too!
I'm blessed with fast growing hair!

My new short hair!
Hello!  My name is Jill!  

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