Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Fenced Yard Brings Peace of Mind

Our backyard is completely fenced in now!!!  I can't tell you the peace of mind it brings to have a fenced yard.  We can let our chickens free range forage now!  We can let Raz run around off leash; he loves to patrol the backyard, and I can rest easy knowing our backyard isn't quite so easy to access.  
Joseph is a fantastic carpenter; what I love best is how he works out our projects in his head and then calculates how much wood we're going to need with such ease.  He's a genius I tell you, a genius!  

Digging holes for the fence posts.

While digging we found a small carrot growing in the ground!

Joseph building the fence! :) 

I even helped by chiseling the fence posts!

My robot leg wasn't about to stay on given the 100 degree temperatures!
I found a way to help out anyway!

The fence is almost finished!

The fence is complete!
Look at Raz properly contained in the backyard.

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