Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Good Life Lately

So much has been going on in our life lately I'm finding it hard to keep up!  Some days I feel tired and run down, but every day I feel blessed!  We have a good life and I am grateful!

Joseph and I ate at this fine establishment to celebrate my starting at Restoration Books!
Hot Fudge Sunday for me and a Fruit Smoothy for Joseph!

Mike Atha gave me this awesome desk!
I love it how it is but I think a fresh coat of paint and new handles are in order.
Fresh corn from the farmers market!  I can't get enough of this stuff!
Fresh green beans from the farmers market!
I made a red sauce with lemon basil from the farmers market  using fresh tomatoes given to us!

Bread Pudding!
Because we don't like to waste our homemade goods; Joseph made bread pudding using  homemade bread that was starting to get old but still too good to give to the chickens!  
Our kitty matches our house decor!
Love it!
The weed patch is gone!
Joseph raked all the clippings and added them to our compost pile!
Last week I cleaned out the chicken coop and rabbit hutch!
I'm finding everything in my life is leading back to poop and compost and I'm okay with that some how.
Joseph and I made a wonderful Quiche for my friend Krista!
We also needed to use up some of our eggs so quiche seemed fitting to do so.
Joseph made Raspberry Lime soda and Chocolate Ginger soda  for  the lunch we had with Krista!
Both sodas were freaking awesome!
My new chair covers arrived!  I like the black!
I also love that both kittys and Raz are relaxing together on the chair !
Too cute!
Our beautiful chickens!
They give us wonderful eggs every day and I couldn't be more thankful!
Diego is six!
He was trying not to blow out his candle while we were singing to him.


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