Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Preparing for Bees!

Spring time on a homestead is crazy!  There is winter clean up, preparing the ground for the garden, planting the garden, building fencing to keep chickens out of said garden, etc. . .  This spring we are most excited to receive our bees!  We have read several books, articles, and blogs about keeping bees.  There is so much to watch for to ensure you have a thriving hive, I feel overwhelmed.  A lot of people ask me about bees and I can't even respond, I am in a state of constant wonder about bees.  Joe and I feel a tremendous responsibility to take good care of all of our animals, but the bees feel like even more responsibility.  I can only pray that we take proper care of our small colony so the bees can go about their business, pollinating and making sweet honey.

Wish us luck!

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