Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spiral Jetty (One tank vacation)

Joe and I love to explore new roads!  We'll often take random routes home because we saw a road that we've never driven on before.  We often hit the road with no destination at all and look up new roads found on our Apple Maps app.  Sunday I woke up craving the open road; Joe mentioned he'd like to see the Salt Flats. We decided to drive to the Spiral Jetty located on the Northeast end of the Great Salt Lake.  Joe mapped out the route and we hit the road.  The weather was spectacular on Sunday!  The Spiral Jetty was pretty cool too!  The best part was driving through beautiful landscapes with my wonderful husband!

Satellite aerial view 

The Spiral Jetty!
We thought this was salt build up but it was foam.
Beautiful clouds!
Beautiful landscape
I love watching weather from a distance

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