Saturday, March 30, 2013

Winter Clean Up at Eidolon House

As the snow melts and the earth gets ready for new growth there is a period of yuckiness.  The snow is no longer bright white and mud and in our case chicken poop is everywhere!  Because we spoil our animals; this winter we laid down hay over the snow so our chickens could have a nice place to walk around on and scratch through.  When the snow melted we had quite the layer of hay spread around our chicken coop and yard.  A couple weeks ago we all got to work raking up the hay, cleaned out the chicken coop and rabbit hutch.
It is very difficult to get Macsen to smile for a picture let alone show his face.
I told him we're only going to remember him by his backside; he's fine with that. 
Kisses, our mamma rabbit.
We put the girl bunnies in the rabbit tracker so they could run around.
Diego loved using the pitch fork.
He mostly just scattered the hay but he had fun!
The boys adding new hay to the chicken coop.
Our ladies are happy to lay eggs in clean nesters! 
One of our baby bunnies enjoying play time.
She's not quite a baby anymore!
My sweet Raz.  He has since had his winter coat shaved off!
As we raked piles of hay the chickens would bury
their head into the pile. 
Cute chicken butts! 
D pulling out the hay from the chicken coop
There he is!  Macsen holding one of the lace chickens!
Notice the cool head band he's wearing?
Cute little D, filled up a wheelbarrow full of hay! 
There I am raking!  I often wonder if people know
that I do help out on all of our projects; I'm usually the one snapping pictures.

The yuckiness period is over!  Spring has arrived and plants are beginning to grow!  Joseph and I are re-seeding our front and back lawns this weekend and soon we'll plant our garden; which is going to be spectacular!

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