Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Change if you want to grow. . .

I told Joe a few weeks ago he may be in big trouble being married to me because big changes always happen in my life.  Some changes I've experienced have not been good, but since I've married Joseph the big changes in our life have been great!  Change, good or bad is still a challenge though isn't it?

Our rabbit population is changing!  We were able to give away all of our baby bunnies, and all at once.  Joseph called the gentleman who we originally bought Kisses and Choco from, and asked him if he'd like our baby bunnies.  This gentleman breeds rabbits and sells them to IFA and to other local venues.  It will be sad to see them go, but it's for the best!

Our bees are also on hold.  This makes us sad; we were really looking forward to keeping bees this summer, but they will have to wait until next summer!  As I mentioned in my last blog, Joseph and I are in the process of making big changes here at Eidolon House!  We're excited, scared, emotional, and as soon as plans are final I'll fill you in with all the details!

I do believe the best way to grow as a person is to change something about yourself, your surroundings, or your relationships.  I feel if you're stuck in one frame of mind, you're not really growing.  It's important to change things up once in a while to help change your frame of mind.  This may be why we enjoy our 30 day challenges so much.

How do you feel about change?  
Do you look for change, or are you most happy
when things stay the same?

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