Sunday, April 28, 2013

Constants. . .

Yesterday my sister put together a BBQ for Joseph's and my immediate family and close close friends as a sort of farewell party for us; we're leaving for Texas in two days!  It's been difficult for me to make time to move, plan for our new life in Texas, and at the same time make sure we say our goodbyes to everyone we care about! 

Last night, we were sitting around the fire in my sister's back yard with my family reminiscing about camping trips we took as children, three wheeler accidents, houses starting on fire, etc. . .  As we were laughing and teasing each other I started thinking about all the people who have become constants in my life.  You know, the people who continue to make an appearance through good times and bad.  I have been blessed with such an awesome family and wonderful friends!  I know I don't say it often enough to them individually but I do cherish and love my family and friends so much!

I can't count the many people who have made a difference in my life, there are truly too many to count.  But here are a few (okay, more than a few) pictures of those who have always been a constant in my life.  I love you all!

My sister, mom, and me!  I love you guys!
My dad and nephew Carson.

My brother and his beautiful wife Tara and Carson.

Mom, Ari, and Bryer in Forks Washington!

This guy has been with me for quite some time!  Eight years to be exact!

Ari, mom, and Krista at Witches Night Out!

Melonie and me modeling our new aprons Krista gave us!

My sister and Me!  I love my sister so much!

Two of my cousins, Kandin and Wendy. 

My family!

Me and Kandin!

Me, Krista, and Melonie!

Me and my mom at the Keith Urban concert!

Kandin!  In her element, I might add! 

Joseph and Drew!

My father and mother in-law.  Love these two!

The #9 girls!

Isabella!  She's a big girl now but still just as cool!

Stacey Tyler and baby Skye!

Me and Stacey!

Joe, Macsen, and Drew!

Cousin's having fun!




The reason Joe and I are together!  We love the Tylers so much!

My number one constant!  Joseph!

 We love you all so very much!  It's time Joseph and I go make a good life for our own little family!  

Texas!  Here we come!


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