Monday, April 22, 2013

I'm Riding a Bike Again!

Last year I wrote THIS blog about finding plans to build a hand-bike.  One activity I've missed since losing my leg is riding a bike!  The particular prosthetic I wear doesn't allow for full range of motion in my knee, so I haven't ridden a bike in almost five years!  One evening last year Joseph and I spent hours at several different bike shops trying different styles and sizes of bikes to see if I could find one I could ride.  Unfortunately, that evening was not a success, so I searched Google and found plans to build one!  I called several local bike shops to see if they would build the hand-bike for me, but none would take on the challenge.  My husband is a Freemason, and a gentleman in his lodge fabricates bikes - motorcycles to be exact.  Joseph asked his friend, Chase to look at the plans and see if it was a project he'd be willing to do.  Chase, with Mad Duck Garage, accepted the challenge and built me a pretty awesome bike!  Joseph and I went on our first bike ride together around our neighborhood tonight, and we had a blast!

Take a look for yourself!

My very own, custom built, hand-bike!

Hello!  I'm riding a bike!

The view from the road!

My fabulous husband making minor adjustments.

Hello, it's me again, riding a bike!

Just a barn in my neighborhood!  Beautiful!

Mad Duck Garage logo! Awesome! 

Chase has no idea how completely awesome it is that I'm riding again!
I am so happy and blessed to be associated with such wonderful, helpful, caring, and talented people!
Thank you Chase!



  1. That bike is wicked awesome! And also thats great about you guys going to Texas, although I dont think I will end up anywhere near there :( Also, I really like your blog.

    1. Thanks Juli! I'm betting you'll end up near the ocean. :) I hope you guys are happy and healthy!


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