Friday, September 11, 2009


Growing up you never think there might be a time that you don't get along with your siblings. Growing up in my family we were close. We camped together all the time. Every Sunday was our family day. We would go on the longest rides, bake cookies, make dinner together, watch Start Trek the Next Generation.....

Then we grow up and get married and things change for some reason. Right now there is a something going on in our family between my brother, me and my sister and my parents really. The thing is there has been tension between my brother and his wife and my sister for the past 10 years. My brother has been telling us for months he doesn't want to be involved in all the family parties. Tara told me he's sick of his sisters controlling the holiday's. Kind of funny when you read it out loud. What control? We throw parties and eat a lot of food.
I thought my brother would like to start his own family traditions. He called my sister and told her he'd be involved in Christmas and I think mom and dad's birthdays. My cute sister still calls them to this day. They just ignore her. She gets her feelings hurt every time. I don't have it in my DNA to play games. So I have left them alone after a few attempts I don't keep trying. When people want to be left alone I leave them alone. I think my brother is missing us but his wife might be pulling him the other way. I'm not sure really because he refuses to reply to my emails or answer my sisters phone calls.

Of course Marg is sad because she wants all of her children to get along and be happy. Maybe we're just different people now that we're grown so we're not going to get along. I don't know. I feel bad, Thanksgiving is coming up and the holiday season and it would be nice if we could all get along at least for my mom's sake.

Hopefully time will soften some hearts.


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