Sunday, September 13, 2009

Top Chef

Kandin and I had a blast last night cooking up a storm... We made french chicken in a pot, baked yams, and roasted broccoli with a cheese sauce. To top it off Kandin made an apricot tart. We ate like kings last night. My favorite thing is Kandin's chef jacket. I love it!

Next month's menu is tea smoked ribs and potato salad....

America's next top chef.... Kandin Mary!!!!

Kandin hard at work...

Eric eating every last bit of chicken....

Nothing left........


  1. That looks so good! How come I did not get the Italian cooking gene? I am glad you guys did.

  2. You're so funny.... You gave the cooking gene to your daughter, really you had the gene the whole time you just didn't know it.


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