Sunday, January 10, 2010

Focus already...

I am having a hard time getting into school after the holiday's. The holiday's are over and I'm ready for spring. Of course living in Utah spring rarely happens and we have a few more months of winter.

Have I mentioned that I love the food network. I love watching the people cook. Most of what they cook I'd never eat because I'm quite the picky eater. Down Home with the Kneely's is annoying so now I've switched over to reruns of the Gilmore Girls. Which I don't really like either. The mom and daughter's banter is so rehearsed and fake. Okay, my critic side is over.

Time to work on my paper....

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  1. Hannah told me the same thing! She was not ready for school to start and it was so hard to go back to the cold winter. Oh well, hang in there! Need any help with editing of a paper? My major was English so shoot me an email if you need me to proof read or anything!


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