Friday, March 19, 2010

What up bloggers!!!

Hello everyone,
I haven't blogged much. I really haven't had much to say which is odd because I always have something to say. But I don't have any thing to say right now. I work and then I come home and go to school..... My life is work and school. I am proud to say I'm getting all A's and B's in school for the first time in my life! This degree is suppose to better my life and I'm finding it is. Although I'm busier then ever I meet a lot of interesting people. I may not get a better job after this journey but at least I'm getting a better out look on life.

Peace and Love everyone,

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  1. Jill, You inspire me to want to reach higher. I'm not sure what to reach for yet, I'm thinking about it. Thats a start.

    So so glad you live here. How else would we get to know Rascal? Just kidding. You are amazing.

    Love always, Mom


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