Monday, January 3, 2011

Blessings are real....

I've had the most interesting couple of weeks. First I've come to realize that my life seems to always be full of emotional stress and craziness, as everyone's is I know. A couple of weeks ago I felt like I'd met my match. Sometimes enough is enough and you need a break. So I took to my journal. My private journal that no one sees and I started writing my feelings like a mad women. I love journaling because I can write what ever I'm feeling and no one responds telling me my feelings are wrong.

So I was basically complaining to my journal and then I thought, complaining isn't helping the way I was feeling. I made a list of everything that I was thankful for, everything from Eric to Facebook. The next day things started looking up for me. The dealership paid for a rental car since my truck is broke because of a faulty part that is out of stock for a few weeks. VMware offered me a temp job that is for three more months as to delay my unemployed status. I take pride that I've never been out of work since I was 18. I didn't want my record tarnished. :) The weather broke just a bit so Eric and I could drive to Arizona to spend the New Year with friends. And to top it off today is Millee's birthday. When I got home I received a check in the mail from the hospital. The check was a refund from the hospital, I had paid too much on a bill from when I had Millee. I have a wedding and tuition to pay for in the next 6 months. Every little bit of cash helps. :)

I love it when blessings show themselves and remind me to stay positive and keep working hard.


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