Sunday, November 27, 2011

Guard strangeness...

"Lovers should guard their strangeness." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

     I feel especially blessed, lucky, appreciative, excited, secure, happy, and blissfully loved when I'm with Joseph.  I miss Joseph when we're apart and I'm happy when we're together.  Joseph and I are not just married, we're friends, we love each other and we like each other, we have fun together and we laugh together, we learn from each other and we challenge each other.
     I've been able to spend three going on four uninterrupted days with Joseph and not once have I thought to myself, "I sure could use some space or time to myself."  I never feel that way when I'm with him and when I express this to family or friends and some respond, "oh its just because you're a newly wed," I am offended to the core and I feel sorry for them.  
     My relationship with my husband is special.  The definition of special:  Distinguished by some unusual quality; especially: being in some way superior, designed for a particular purpose or occasion.  I'd like to think Joseph was designed specifically for me and I him.  I believe everyone ought to feel this way about their spouse and/or relationship.  The happiness I feel in my marriage seems almost strange and out of the ordinary now days.  Media commonly shows marriage as an annoyance for women and a trap for men.  And so I will guard this strangeness because within this strangeness I am most happy.


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  1. I totally get that! Vic is my ying to my yang, and at times my 90% to my 10%. And the best part of my day is going to bed with him. Now, I don't mean it in that "eye rolling" way, but we have more of a slumber party atmosphere. We do most of our laughing, and debating while looking at each other w our heads on the pillow. It is soo freakin' cool that he is my absolute best friend AND I get make out w him! I'm so GLAD that Joseph has some one as nice as u to share his life with! We really enjoyed his company here i S.A. and I miss him terribly! Do u mind if I friend u on FB?


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