Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Sitting here on the end of my bed researching efficiency I start to notice different aches and pains throughout my body and so I've switched gears and am writing about pain.  I'll write about efficiency tomorrow.  I've experienced a fair bit of pain in my life; physical and emotional.  But tonight I can't help but laugh as I feel stabbing sensations in my residual limb while feeling a stomach ache coming on; all of the sudden I feel a stabbing pain in my back (not a metaphorical stab in the back).  Even as I type I feel pain in my fingers due to early winter eczema, the skin around my fingers crack and bleed.  The salt left on my finger from eating chips doesn't help either.  My stick leg or left leg rather feels swollen because I've sat in one position too long.  In my lifetime thus far I've had multiple surgeries on various parts of my body.  I've experienced a few broken bones and have taken some pretty hard falls; been in a few car accidents too.  I've had my right leg chopped off for hell sake!  I'd go through the physical pain all over again if it meant that I didn't have to experience emotional pain.
Isn't emotional pain hard?  Emotional pain not only can be re-lived over and over again every time we think about a specific experience but it creates baggage.  Emotional baggage such as; insecurity, suspicion, low self-esteem, paranoia, depression, etc.  This baggage can stay with us for months, years even.  No thank you, I'll leave the emotional baggage behind and deal with the physical pain.  Three Tylenol, two ibuprofen please and I'll see you in the morning, good night.


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