Thursday, December 29, 2011

End of year letter.....

December 2011
Dear Family and Friends,
          Our year began August 1, 2011.  Joseph and I were married in Ogden Utah at the Masonic Temple.  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to be married.  The weather was great, the ceremony went off without a hitch, and the dinner after the ceremony was fantastic!  My mother and Aunt June made our wedding cake which was delicious!  You can’t go wrong with Italian Cream Cake.  Good memories were made that day. 
Joseph has three beautiful children; Krista, Macsen, and Diego.  The children live with their mother in Wyoming; we get to have the children every other weekend and we enjoy our time together when we have them.  We’re living in Logan Utah and love the beautiful city and the laid back, bohemian lifestyle Logan offers. 
Joseph is working at Restoration Books – Bindery & Fine Press.  His boss and good friend Mike Atha takes good care of us and Joseph in particular.  I’d love to have a boss like Mike!  Joseph is very talented and his artistic creativity is imbedded in every book he restores and binds.  Joseph is a talented artist particularly in engraving.  He has several freelance projects in the works and we are excited to see what opportunities unfold.  Joseph is an active Free Mason and is looking forward to new opportunities within the Mason community.
I am working in Ogden but feverishly looking for a new job in Logan.  I love my current job but would love to work close to home.  I’m finishing my degree in Communication Technology at the University of Phoenix.  I hope to have my Bachelors Degree this coming spring.  Rascal lives with my mom as we cannot have pets at our apartment.  I miss him to death but know he enjoys living with his grandma. 
These past five months have gone by so fast and have been full of happiness and progression; just how we like our life to be.  Joseph and I have enjoyed cooking, baking, canning, and recently embroidery.  We just finished a project writing essays every day for 30 days.  I wrote about random subjects I’m interested in.  Joseph wrote 30 educational essays regarding Masonry.  Our next 30 day project will be fun and creative, we’re learning Origami!  We’re avid bloggers; I enjoy documenting our life experiences; please drop in and see what we’re up to anytime.  We hope that you have had a wonderful 2011 and may your 2012 be rich with love and happiness.   

Love always,
Joseph and Jill Adams

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