Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jill's 2012 Resolution....

     I have always loved the idea of New Year resolutions.  I’m a goal oriented person, however I change my mind so often that a lot of my resolutions are a thing of the past just months after I’ve set them.  I’ve always thought that a huge fault in my personality is that I can’t decide what I’m passionate about.  I have never been able to settle on one or even two things that I love so much that I want to spend the rest of my life doing them.  Many different things interest me and I’ve always been happy with trying something new and moving on to the next thing. 

     This year I didn’t want to declare a New Year resolution because I knew by March I’d have changed my mind.  Recently I have found a number of blogs that I follow written by inspiring, motivated, creative women that I can only hope to become like some day.  I’ve been reading about their 2012 resolutions, feeling like a slacker already by not setting a few of my own resolutions.  

     I analyzed my current resolution pattern and started to feel discouraged until I came to a conclusion, a realization, no, an absolute fact that is acceptable to me - even an absolution:  I can’t settle on one or two things I’m passionate about because I’m passionate about everything in general!  I love new beginnings, fresh starts, new aspirations, changes etc…  If I narrowed down a few things to be passionate about I think I would lose my mind!  I’m passionate about being passionate and that’s okay with me.  

     My New Year resolution for 2012:  
Stay passionate!