Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Animal Day!

     Saturday was such a great day; the weather was absolutely perfect!  My mom and niece Sharill drove to Logan and joined us at baby animal day!  Our family loves animals; one of the many reasons we're excited to move into our house.  We plan to have our own mini petting zoo in our back yard.
     The American Heritage Center in Logan is a working 1917 farm.  As we walked through the farm we were able to see the Summer Kitchen - inside the volunteers were dying Easter eggs; only with natural dyes such as blueberries and raspberries.  The main house was tiny but really awesome!  I loved it!  In the kitchen the volunteers were baking bread.  In the living room a couple of grandmothers were tatting; a craft Joseph and I want to take up.  Well, Joseph has already learned how to tat, I just need to catch up with him.    Macsen was most taken with the black smith shop; what little boy doesn't like fire and molten hot metal?
     Everyone loved the baby animals!  I knew when we got to the bunnies we would have a hard time walking away without one or two and I was right....  We have a new bunny Krista named Chocolate, because he has a few brown spots around his eyes and mouth.  We are bunny sitting a bunny for my mom my niece Sharill named Kisses.  My mom wants to have a bunny at her house for the grandchildren to play with when they go to her house to play.  However, I don't think we're going to be able to separate Choco (I call Chocolate, Choco because it sounds a bit more manly) and Kisses.

  Here are some photos of our wonderful children enjoying sweet baby animals!  



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