Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our New Blog Header

     A week or so ago Jill asked me if I could design a header for our blog that would say something about who we are and what we do.  Jill follows quite a few blogs and has as many opinions about the headers of each of them, so we sat down and she went through her favorites, showing me what she liked and disliked about each.  Even so, and excited as I was about the project, I really had no idea where to begin, and I don't think Jill really did either.  She suggested "something steam-punkish" and I started a half-hearted sketch.  But the next day, as I was at work, I suddenly received a long string of text messages with ideas about the header, and it all fell into place.  So that night I scrapped the first sketch and started over.
     The header starts on the left side with the door of our home opening up.  Now this isn't what our door actually looks like, but rather the door we dream of for sometime in the future, when we have our own little place:  Eidolon Cottage.  Eidolon is a Greek word that refers to the idea of a Spirit of Inspiration.  The door of the cottage opens up to reveal a bit about our life and interests.
     Of course, the chickens rush out to greet you before you come in.  Piles of old books and a book press reference our love of books and my job as a book binder and conservationist.  Food is our primary "language of love," and is illustrated by the bottles of preserved food - Jill is quite the canner - freshly baked artisan breads, and cheese.  A calendar on the wall hints at both the month Jill and I were married in, and the fact that we enjoy giving ourselves "30-day challenges" as a way of bettering ourselves.  A masonic medal is for my love of and involvement in the local Lodge,  as well as our love of philosophy, and the lengthy discussions Jill and I enjoy about the human condition and our place and purpose in the world.  A hand-made beehive illustrates both our apiary hopes, as well as our love of doing things the "old-fashioned way."  I think that in some ways we were both born out of our time (only in some ways, mind you!).  An intaglio printing press refers to my vocation as a printmaker, specializing in copper engraving, and other rather archaic art-making methods.  And finally there is the Tardis, because, well, the Doctor is just cool! and we are okay with our nerdieness.
     This was a really fun little drawing to work on, and I hope it sets the proper tone for our blog.  Enjoy!



  1. I love the header design! It is a peek into our life and interests just like our blog is. Thank you Joseph for drawing this!

  2. Absolutely fantastic! Joe, I hope to meet you someday soon! You sound so wonderful. I am amazed by both of you. I enjoy your thirty day challenges even though I haven't commented much lately. I haven't even blogged much lately. We are trying to keep our heads above water with all the medical situations going on. Hopefully soon our life gets back to somewhat normal, or a new normal:) Keep blogging and inspiring me!! Love you Jilly!!


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