Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Chance at Being a Mother

In the back of my mind I have always felt bad that I don't have the opportunity to be a mother.  After losing Millee my doctor told me I can't give birth; the risks are too high to have a baby.  This memory is always in the back of my mind haunting me.
I look at my life now and think I may not be a traditional mother but I can be a mother figure to many.  I am blessed to have three fantastic step children and I have 14 animals that are my babies.  I think about my life growing up and all the mother figures I had and realize I do have a chance to be a mother.
My mother figures:  My own mother, my grandmother, my sister, my aunts, my mother in-law, Tina Ashby, Carla Bell, Dana Hinds, Viola Taylor, Gerry Greenwell, and so many other wonderful women who have been great examples of a mother in my life.

All of my Babies!



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  1. God Bless you Jill! I am sure all your nieces and nephews value you highly as well. There are so many people in the world that need a mother in their life. Nobody has enough love. We can all give more. My goal is to be a foster parent when we are back in our own home.


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