Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day Four: 30 Days of Gratitude

     Tonight I am grateful for all the microbes, fungi, and other whatnot that make compost possible.  I was spending a few minutes this evening as the sun was going down raking up the compost piles (the chickens like to scratch around the edges for goodies), and I was taken by the magic of the change that can happen in a pile of waste, altering it from all sorts of scraps to a dark rich loam.
     I am also grateful that equipment from the 19th Century was built to last.  In our shop we use all sorts of heavy cast iron equipment in repairing old books and binding new ones.  Using antique tools is not only the best way to get the needed results, it also feels really cool!
     In the same vein, I am grateful to work in a place that has such a comfortable atmosphere.  In someways, being at work feels like being at home.  And I am especially grateful that my darling wife and I get to work there together for three days out of every week.

Jill's gratitude:
     Hey, Joseph stole one of the things I'm grateful for!  I too am grateful to be able to work with my husband three days a week!  And on the days I'm working at Wells Fargo Joseph and I have lunch together and we drive to work together five days a week.  I feel blessed and incredibly grateful that I get to spend so much time with my husband.  I know just how lucky I am.
     I am grateful for my car!  I have always been able to purchase nice and dependable cars.  I love the feeling of security I get when driving a dependable car.
     I am grateful for my daughter kitty Willow; she has been quite the cuddle bug lately; I love her soft fur and warm little body.  The temperature has been getting down into the 30s already so the animals are curling up next to us.  As I type, Raz and Willow are cuddled between Joe and me.


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