Monday, October 1, 2012

Day Eighteen: 30 Days of Gratitude

Joe's Gratitudes:  
     I am grateful that we live in a place that has spectacular fall foliage.  I know that New England has the claim to the best autumn colour, but I think that Cache Valley, while a smaller display, is actually more spectacular.  Up here, the colours are just as brilliant as back East, but there is a significant difference:  Geography.  The rolling hills of New England can never compete with the cliffs and rocky outcroppings of the canyons around Cache Valley.  The oranges and reds of the maples and the yellows of the aspens are not only contrasted with the dark green pines, but also with the slate blue and grey of the most impressive canyon walls.
     I am grateful for the air quality here.  On our end of the valley, the air is usually crisp and clear, and is a delight to breath.  The rare times we see smog, it is generally due to forest fires somewhere else.
     I am grateful for the fact that my wife edits my posts and keeps me from saying anything too stupid or inflammatory.

Jill's Gratitudes:
     I am grateful for finger nail clippers!  I am grateful for lotion.  And I am grateful for allergy meds!  The farmers are harvesting the fields around our house and I think I might die from sneezing too much!  Thank goodness for modern day allergy meds.


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