Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Home Art Exhibit - A Way to Foster Creativity.

Joseph has put together and participated in several print exchanges with fellow artists over the years.  When we moved to Lewiston he organized all of his print exchange boxes and put them in a plastic storage bin, to keep them nice while they sit in our storage closet.  I thought it was such a shame; storing all of that wonderful art so it's never to be seen or talked about.  I believe part of fostering creativity in the home is displaying your work; not to show off, but to take pride in your achievement and to keep the creative juices flowing.

I have been changing our house around, painting shelves, cleaning, re-organizing, and trying to create spaces that are both functional and inspiring; this meant pulling out those print exchanges and displaying them.  I wanted all those prints easily accessible to look through, spark creativity and great conversation.

 I cleaned up and painted a wooden shelf my mother gave to us and Joe hung the shelf on the wall in our hallway.  We added a couple of wire lines with clips so our children can display their art too!  In my opinion, having a specific space identified to display art for your children is more special then a magnet and refrigerator.  Here is our Home Art Exhibit and a look at a few prints you will find in those boxes.

Our Home Art Exhibit - Print Exchanges!

"Jim and Della" by Joseph Adams, Copper Engraving
Untitled, by Robert DeGroff, Mezzotint
Untitled, by Jared Nielsen
"March Thaw", by Adrian Van Suchtelen

What sparks creativity in your home?


Please respect copyright laws, photos are not for personal download.  If you're interested in a print, send us an email and Joseph will put you in touch with the specific artist.

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