Saturday, February 16, 2013

Silverware S Hooks!

I've been seeing a bunch of pins on Pinterest of fun things to to with silverware.  My favorite idea by far is making hooks out of old silverware.  I mentioned a few blogs ago that I've been changing around our house, trying to make functional and inspirational spaces.  I've also cleaned up and painted six shelves altogether and have used every single one of them in a fun way.

In an effort to keep changes creative Joe and I made S hooks to hang our pots and strainers on.  The project cost about $1.50.  We went to the DI and picked out a bunch of different designs of forks and spoons; they were 10 cents each.  We thought bending the silverware was going to be easy with a few swings of a hammer and an anvil, turns out they needed a bit more grunt work.  Joe basically forged the silverware into shape by heating the silverware with a propane torch.  The hooks turned out beautiful.  Joe did a wonderful job!  Take a look for your self!


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  1. Looks like the same type of silverware "S" that some Silverware Artists in Philadelphia,PA have been making for years Pretty neat idea isn't it?


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