Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Talk about a lifestyle change. . .

I went from this:
To this:
In a matter of a few days!  Okay, Plano isn't quite downtown Dallas, but it might as well be to me.  Plano isn't small, lets just say that.  My life has been about homesteading, wide open spaces, small livestock, and living as self-sufficiently as possible.  I went from having a huge corn field in my back yard to apartment living.  I can actually hear my neighbor use the restroom!  My backyard is a highway now.

Don't get me wrong, I love Plano!  I'm very excited and happy that Joseph and I are here.  But, all of the sudden I've found all of my interests and hobbies can't happen here.  I feel as if my entire being has come to a screeching halt!  Instead of reading about the latest canning trends, chicken health, raised bed gardening vs. hoop house gardening, etc.  I'm reading about small business trends, writing copy, tax laws, etc. 

I'm loving the challenge of setting up and organizing our small business, but I miss the sense of community I used to feel when I read about composting or bee hives from other bloggers.  I always say, if you're not changing, you're not growing.  I'm excited to see how I'll grow over the next few years!  But homesteading is my passion; I won't count that lifestyle out just yet. 



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